Don’t limit yourself – buy an unlimited fitness pack and keep active this summer at K Leisure

unlimited group fitness classes

Unlimited group fitness offer for €60

From next week you will see the return of some of your favourite classes- BODYPUMP, SPIN, HIIT STRENGTH, HIIT CARDIO, BOX-FIT, BUMS LEGS THIGHS, & CIRCUIT BOOTCAMPS. All classes will have sanitised equipment provided for each participant’s individual use.

The small group’s size allows our trainers to give you a highly customised workout session that’s akin to a personal training session.

In Newbridge and Athy we will be running classes on our Astro pitches, in Naas, we will use the green area at the side of the gym.

Each class will be 45 mins, with 15 mins gap between classes to allow for sanitisation of equipment, workout areas and to prepare for the next class.

We want to make sure you have a chance to work out in the safest possible manner. The classes will be operated under a strict health safety framework. This framework is available to view on at the end of this page.

Our focus is to ensure you have a safe workout, and that all you will have to worry about is if your legs will be able to walk you back to your car after an epic training session.

We hope you can join us next week for some amazing workouts.

BODYPUMP – The classic Les Mills Barbell Workout.
BOOTCAMP – Trainers will make you sweat and put you through your paces with strength, conditioning and cardio circuits
HIIT BOOTCAMP – If you’re looking for a challenge fast-paced, tough workout with a high-calorie burn then this is the class for you.
BOX-FIT – Work up a sweat with some boxing drills including footwork and abdominal workouts – all focusing on fitness and toning.
BUMS LEGS THIGHS – This workout is perfect to tone your glutes, hamstrings, thighs and getting those legs into serious shape!
SPIN – The classic cycling workout, build cardio endurance and track your workout on the Keiser M3i bike.

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Health and Safety Protocols for Outdoor classes

  • Social distancing – each participant will have a 2×2 square meter workout zone, and the edge each zone will be spaced 3 meters apart.
  • Personal hygiene – each participant will be directed to sanitise their hands at the hygiene station and then directed to their workout zone. Participants may wish to wear face coverings for classes, the government has issued guidance on how to make and the correct way to use face coverings. Guidance on the safe use of face coverings.
  • Equipment – each participant will have individual equipment to use in each zone; there will be no shared equipment. After each class, the instructor deep cleans all equipment that has been used.
  • Waiting areas – Instructions will be sent to each participant on where to wait for each class. Waiting areas will be either spaced out waiting zones for people to wait in, or you may be asked to wait in your car.
  • Access to facilities – there will be no access to any facility for any reason. Toilets, showers, and lockers are not available. We request that all participants understand why we must limit access and we also request that they do not request access to use the facilities for any reason.
  • Emergency First Aid – Instructors will have emergency first aid equipment and have been trained on how to perform emergency first aid using PPE.
  • Health Declaration – each participant will be required to make a declaration relating their health when they book a class, and before working out.

How to book a class

To Book a class in Athy phone 059-8641522
To Book a class in Naas phone 045-881655
To Book a class in Newbridge phone 045-433663

  • All memberships remain frozen until we open our facilities at the end of the summer. These classes are Pay As You Go.
  • Outdoor class prices are €10 per participant. Buy a 3-week class pack for €60
  • Booking for classes opens at 9 am on Monday 18th May, and will be open from 9-5.
  • We will take payment via card over the phone to reserve your space.
  • When your booking is confirmed our booking team will send you an email with the health and safety protocols that must be adhered to if you wish to participate in a class.
  • You can book any number of classes from June 8th to June 26th.
  • Bookings are final, and cannot be transferred to another person. This is to facilitate contact tracing should the need arise. We will collect the name, email and phone number of each participant.
  • We request you only book to participate in a class if you are within the set government travel distance of a K Leisure centre. Travel beyond the set government travel distance not advised as per the Roadmap for Reopening Business and Society. You can use this map to check if your home is within 5km of a K Leisure centre. Please adjust the map accordingly as the government guidance changes.