The Government announced on 31st of August that lockdown measures in Kildare can be lifted to bring the county in line with the rest of the country.

K Leisure will reopen its clubs in Naas, Newbridge and Athy on the 3rd of September.


Club Reopening Dates and Membership Information

Last updated 3rd September 2020.

Our reopen date is 3rd September 2020. We will resume regularly scheduled activities on that date. Sessions will be available to book from Friday the 4th of September.

Members who have paid their August subscription to the club will have that payment applied to the remainder of September and their next bill date is October 1st. Paid in Full memberships (annual and 3 months) have been extended by one month.

The children’s swim programme will begin on the week starting the 7th of September.

Adult swimming lessons in Naas will begin on the week starting the 7th of September.

Aqua aerobics and fitness classes will resume on the week starting the 7th of September.

Training at K Leisure: the new normal (for now)


We have all had to make changes and adaptations in our life over the past number of months, and while we would love to open our doors and let everyone come in and train as they please, the reality is we need to reopen in a cautious and considerate manner. We want a situation when coming to the gyms or pools is enjoyable and hassle-free. We also need to ensure we operate strictly in adherence to public health guidance. What that means for gyms is contact tracing for all visitors, and a reduction in capacity to allow adequate social distancing in each area of our club. We will implement that guidance in the following ways.


Throughout the day the swimming pools and gyms will be available as bookable sessions. You book a session online, enter the facility and check-in at the front desk. You don’t have to pre-book sessions, but you may arrive at the club and find the current session is fully booked meaning you cant enter the gym or pool for that session. – The booking system will be available by Friday this week to begin booking in your gyms sessions in Newbridge. On 6th July the booking system will open for Naas and Athy for people to book sessions in the gym and pools.


For the first number of weeks, our communal gym changing rooms will be closed. The sauna and steam room will remain closed until public health advice permits us to reopen them. We will leave hair dryers and water fountains turned off also.


Gym users should come dressed for exercise and shower at home in the initial opening. Swimmers will have access to changing cubicles, but showers are not permitted initially.


All members and guests will be required to train with a personal sweat towel. We cannot stress this point enough – No Towel, No Train! Your personal towel is to be used as a barrier between you and seats etc, and must not be used to clean equipment.


In each club, we have sanitisation stations for equipment with instructions on how to keep the equipment clean and ready for use.

Our new hygiene, health and safety systems


During the closure period, we performed a full review of our current health and safety systems and implemented a range of new measures to adapt them for dealing with COVID-19. All our management team are COVID Response Manager / Lead Worked Representative trained. All first aiders have been trained in new measures for protecting both people that require first aid, and themselves. Our lifeguard team have been trained in new rescue and resuscitation procedures.


Each facility has electrostatic fogging machines, that envelop hard surfaces in a disinfectant mist that has been electrically charged. The mist clings to all areas of hard surfaces, ideal for gym equipment with many levers and knobs. The cleaning solutions used to make the mist are proven to kill both bacteria and viruses (tested to EN1279, EN 14476 standard). The mist treatment is contactless and does not require wiping clean, resulting in less chance of cross-contamination of surfaces.


All clubs have been sprayed top to bottom in advance of reopening and will be regularly treated throughout the day.


A full review of our cleaning products has taken place and we now have updated the cleaning products we use, and the methods we clean specific areas in each facility.


Each club has mapped out high touch point areas that will be cleaned at high frequently


Our health and safety guidance for members and guests


Wash Your Hands! This is the number one thing you can do to help keep our clubs clean. When you arrive you will have sanitiser available to clean your hands. We recommend you wash your hands and then sanitise before training.


If you feel unwell we ask that you don’t train. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, flu or cold please stay at home until you feel better. It’s not worth the risk.


When you train use available cleaning products to wipe equipment before and after use.


Practice social distance in the clubs. We’re not going to be following you around with a measuring tape, but if we see groups congregating close together we will pop over with a gentle reminder for everyone to keep their distance.


Treat our staff and other members and guests with respect at all times. Our staff are here to help everyone with any query that you have. We know that some of these measures might be a bit of a pain, we ask that you bear with us as all of the steps we have taken are designed to keep you safe and based on public health advice.


Our health and safety guidance for staff members


Our staff will be working in zones and will have limited interaction with other staff members. This helps prevent a cascade effect should one team member fall ill.


If staff have symptoms of COVID-19 they will not attend work, will isolate at home and contact their GP. Once given medical clearance they can return to work.


If a staff member develops symptoms of COVID-19 while working the Response Manager isolates the staff member and initiates a set of procedures to ensure that no one may come in contact with the affected staff members.

When will things return to normal?


That’s a difficult question to answer. What we can say is we want to allow our members and guests as much flexibility with their training. If we all work together we will be in a position to ease some of the restrictions in the coming weeks. The systems we have put in place have been designed to be stepped down or stepped back up when needed. This is a fact we must keep present in our mind.


What we can assure you of is everyone in K Leisure will work to meet your fitness needs, no matter what environment we are operating under. We will always be there for our loyal members.

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