Kids Swim Academy

Please note, you are not required to enroll until you are in the club on your second last swim lesson. The second last week of lessons is the 1st to the 7th of April 2019.

As a valued member of the K-Leisure Swim Academy, we are committed to ensuring that you can continue your child’s progression through the academy with our priority re-enrolment process. The priority re-enrolment process follows several simple steps to help parents secure their child’s place.

Step 1 – Assessments. Your child will have been assessed on a range of skills throughout the swimming term, with a final assessment made on the 3rd last lesson.

Step 2 – After the final assessment week, it’s re-enrolment week. When you arrive at the club please check the Swim Academy board to see if your child is moving levels or staying at the same level. All children, whether moving or staying level, will be required to submit an application form.
Step 3 – If you want to enrol for the next term, follow the applicable steps below.

Important points for all

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that all the required information is submitted to K Leisure so we can allocate a space to your child. We are not able to make any assumptions about people’s preference for classes, so it is vital we have completed re-enrolment forms submitted promptly.

If you don’t register your child’s name during the re-enrolment week you may miss out on securing a place for the next term.

If you are unable to attend lessons on the re-enrollment week, we advise that you telephone the club on the day of your lesson to speak with a member of the team to discuss re-enrolment.

If you are not returning to the Swim Academy for the next term, please inform the front desk so we can make places available for other students.

A booking can only be made with full payment.

The time and day you book will be your place for the whole term. It is not possible to change the time and day and another class during the swimming term.

Children progress at different rates and may take a number of terms to pass to the next level.

Practice cards are available for all children in the Swim Academy. The practice cards entitle you to a free child swim ticket each week when accompanied by a paying adult or member of K-Leisure. It’s vital that children practice their swimming skills. Like any skills-based activity, practice is the key to progression. Children can be quick learners, but as they progress through levels they can reach their physical limit. Practising will help improve swimming fitness and endurance, allowing them a better chance at progressing through the levels.

Any missed lessons cannot be credited or refunded. Credit will only be issued for medical absences upon production of a medical cert. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance that results in the closure of the facility, K Leisure reserves the right to reschedule lessons on a date no later than the start of the next swimming term.


You can rebook a place in the same class you currently are in (same day and time). In order to reserve your place, you need to inform K-Leisure that you want the place. You are required to fill in an application form confirming you will take the place reserved for you. If you have not reserved your place by the end of the re-enrolment week, your child’s place will be made available to people on the waiting list.

If you want to move to a different time or day you will be added to the waiting list for the class, you want to move to.

If your child is staying at the same level and you wish to rebook, we advise you are ready to make payment on the second last week of lessons (the week beginning 1st April 2019.


You are required to fill in an application form with at least two class options and submit it to the K-Leisure team. All applications must be submitted during the re-enrolment week.

Once all application forms are submitted, our team will work to allocate your child a place based on the preferences you submitted. As demand has always outweighed supply for Swim Academy places, it is vital you provide us with several options for swimming times to avoid disappointment.

We will only take payment when a place has been allocated. We may contact you over the phone to request payment in advance of your final lessons. Our aim is to have a place allocated by your last lesson, allowing you to book and pay in person on the day.

Little Swimmers is the introductory level to our Swim
Academy. This class is suitable for children aged 3 – 5
years of age. The aim is to teach safe entry and exit
from the pool along with teaching them to wet their
face in the water, floating and kicking in the water, all
while having fun in the pool environment.

  • Safe entry and exit
  • Face wetting
  • Floating
  • Kicking

In Tadpoles the class is introduced to independent floating on both the front and back. Water confidence is built up

  • Understanding basic pool rules
  • Enter and exit the pool safely with assistance
  • Float on front and back with aid
  • Get face wet without submerging
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Regain feet from a floating position with an aid and assistance
  • Kick on front and back with aid

This class will focus on movement and balance in the water.

  • Understanding basic pool rules
  • Pick up objects from the bottom of the pool in shallow water
  • Using a board/aid oat on back unassisted
  • Understanding basic pool rules
  • Enter and exit the pool safely with assistance
  • Bob up and down repeatedly, submerging body and blow bubbles through nose and mouth
  • Roll 180 degrees from front and back then regain feet
  • Kick on front with aid unassisted
  • Kick on back with aid unassisted


This class is introduced to the main pool environment Pushing and gliding is introduced.

  • Perform a surface dive
  • Safe pool entry from a standing and sitting position
  • Demonstrate a floating position on the front and back for 10 seconds
  • Push o­ wall and glide on front and back then regain feet
  • Demonstrate rotary breathing – show head turning to the side and breathing
  • Rotate 360 degrees without touching the pool floor
  • Demonstrate a freestyle arm action with a board for 5 metres

Demonstrate a backstroke arm action with a board for 5 metres

Breathing, which is one of the most di cult skills in swimming is now incorporated to a greater degree. Unilateral breathing is taught alongside good body position. Threading water is also introduced.

  • Using an aid, tread water using a cycling kicking action and a breaststroke type leg action for 20 seconds
  • Demonstrate a handstand from the bottom of the pool
  • Demonstrate a sitting dive and glide
  • From a floating position swim through submerged hoop
  • Push and glide on front and back holding glide for 2 metres
  • Swim 5 metres freestyle breathing to the side
  • Swim 5 metres backstroke tummy up
  • Swim 5 metres froggy arms
  • Kick on front and back with board for 10 metres

Breaststroke is introduced at this level while still building on the freestyle and backstroke introduced in Penguins

  • Demonstrate a forward somersault from a standing position
  • Demonstrate a kneeling dive
  • Demonstrate 3 different floating positions
  • Demonstrate a good push o­ from the wall on front and kick in a
  • streamlined position
  • Demonstrate an understanding of bi-lateral breathing
  • Swim 10 metres freestyle breathing to the side
  • Swim 10 metres backstroke keeping head still
  • Swim 10 metres on front showing breaststroke type actions
  • Kick on front and back for 15 metres with no support

Focus on retaining the skills learned in Seals. The next phase is to develop technique and breathing

  • Tread water for 30 seconds keeping the head clear of the
  • water and then swim 15 metres
  • Surface dive and retrieve an object from the pool floor in deep water
  • Demonstrate a kneeling dive and swim out
  • Demonstrate a good push o­ with streamlining, on front and back from a good starting position
  • Skull 10 metres on front in a forward direction
  • Swim 2 x 15 metres freestyle showing good technique and breathing without stopping
  • Swim 2 x 15 metres backstroke showing good technique without stopping
  • Using a kickboard 2 x 15 metre breaststroke
  • Kick 10 metres arms by side using a butterfly style undulating action
  • Swim 4 x 10 metres each of freestyle and backstroke without stopping

Competence in the three main strokes is built on in this level. An introduction to swimming longer distances and water safety/rookie lifeguard techniques.

  • Demonstrate survival position i.e. HELP or huddle
  • Demonstrate a front somersault form floating position
  • Demonstrate a crouching dive
  • Swim 25 metres freestyle with good technique
  • Swim 25 metres backstroke with good technique
  • Swim 15 metres breaststroke with correct timing
  • Attempt butter y arms and legs together for 5 metres
  • Swim 50 metres using 2 different strokes holding good technique, attempting turns without stopping

This level builds stamina over all four stokes

  • Demonstrate a standing dive into deep water
  • Demonstrate a good push, glide and streamline on front and back, hold and kick under water for 5 metres
  • Swim 50 metres freestyle demonstrating good rhythm and breathing
  • Swim 50 metres backstroke demonstrating good rhythm and breathing
  • Swim 25 metres breaststroke attempting pull out and regular breathing
  • Swim 10 metres using a butterfly action

K Leisure operates the largest, most popular swim academy in Co. Kildare. The experience of our coaching staff is unrivalled, with some coaches now teaching their second generations of local families how to swim. Our coaches hold a breath of qualifications, ranging from teacher to tutor levels, from both Irish Water Safety and Swim Ireland.

Our learn to swim programme begins with the Parents & Tots classes, which introduces babies into the water, accompanied by their parents, to become familiar with the water and enjoy the experience.

The Little Swimmers class is for 3 & 4 year old children that are starting their learn to swim journey. This class introduces children to a structured learning environment. The key skills needed to progress in Little Swimmers will be understanding basic pool rules, follow instruction, enter and exit the pool safely, submerging their face, demonstrating floating and kicking.

Once a child has progressed from Litte Swimmers they will move up to Tadpoles, our Level 1 class. From here we have 7 additional levels, followed by Lane Coaching, an advance coaching class for graduates of the learn to swim programme.

Since our establishment in 2009, our facilities have achieved the highest certification and award from Ireland Active, the national standards agency for leisure and fitness facilities in Ireland. Previously titled the White Flag award, the National Quality Standard award certifies that K Leisure is committed to Safety, Hygiene, Training, best practice Operations, and top class Customer Service.