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Yakult is a fermented milk drink full of bacteria that are scientifically proven to reach the gut alive. Each little bottle contains at least 6.5 billion of our unique strain of bacteria, L. casei Shirota.

Using the unique strain of bacteria he had discovered, the scientist Dr Shirota made a simple fermented milk drink and in 1935 produced the first bottle of Yakult.

Today, there are two different types of Yakult available in Ireland; the original version (in the red packaging) and Yakult Light (in the blue packaging). Yakult Light is enriched with vitamin D & E and contains less sugar – but other than that they are essentially the same – and, most importantly, both are guaranteed to contain at least 6.5 billion bacteria per bottle.

K Leisure is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Yakult, who will be giving 20 lucky adults the chance to learn how to swim and help live a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Adult swimming lessons are a great way to learn a new skill or hobby and start living an active lifestyle. Once you start on your swimming journey the possibilities of water-based activities are opening up to you.

Our adult swimming lessons are designed to teach you 5 principles for mastering swimming.

  1. Body position in the water
  2. Leg actions
  3. Arm actions
  4. Breathing
  5. Timing skills 1-4 in a swimming stroke

To be in with a chance to win all you need to do is meet the following criteria and then fill in the form below.

  • Over 16
  • Beginner level swimmer (can swim a couple of lengths max, with no formal swim coaching or lessons)
  • Available to attend swimming lessons one night per week, for 6 weeks, starting the week of 24th Of February
  • You are not an employee of K Leisure, Yakult, or an immediate family member of an employee in either.

The full list of terms and conditions is available here