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For information on using the online portal to book children’s Swimming Lessons in K Leisure’s Swim Academy, please review this step-by-step instruction video that will take you through logging into the portal, checking your information and linked family members, searching for courses using filters, making payments for courses, viewing skill progression for each level.

K Leisure operates three facilities in Co. Kildare, in Athy, Naas and Newbridge. The Athy and Naas sites offer 25m swimming pools, fitness classes, state of the art gyms, sauna and steam rooms. Newbridge is a dry site with a full gym and a dedicated strength and conditioning arena. Other facilities include an indoor hall, astro pitches and coffee dock. Our ultra-modern, multi-award-winning clubs have activities for every level of ability and age.

Casual Swimming

You do not need to book swimming with K Leisure, please review the pool timetable to see the list of sessions available for adult lane swimming, and for adult and children leisure swimming.

Swimming is one of the best all-around exercises for your body. In Athy and Naas we have a spacious, 25m indoor pool that is suitable for both experienced and mid-level swimmers, as well as those learning to swim or looking to relax after a workout.


Pool Guidelines

Pool Admission Rules for Children

Children 0-5 years old – Must always be accompanied, within arm’s reach, by a responsible adult in the water.

Children 6-11 years old – Must always be accompanied and remain in sight of a responsible adult (over 18) in the pool area.

Children 12-14 years old – Permitted to swim unaccompanied during a Leisure Swim session.

Age 15 and older – Can swim during all programmed sessions. Aged 15 to 17 is classified as a Student.

There will always be a minimum of two swimming lanes provided for adult usage throughout each day.
During school sessions there will only be adult lane swimming permitted in the pool. Access will be through the dry side changing area. There will be no access for children at these times.

Children have access to the pool during Leisure Swim sessions only.
Customers may enter the changing village 10 minutes before a session is scheduled to start.
The last swim on a Saturday and Sunday is from 4.00pm – 5.30pm.
During School Sessions, there is no Leisure Swimming permitted for children, only Adult Lane swimming.
Bank Holidays: Sunday schedule applies on all bank holidays.
School Holidays: Full access all day up to 7pm for children (8pm Friday), please check pool timetable for session information

2023 Adult Lesson Term Schedule.

Adult Lessons

Whether you’re a beginner or an improver, K Leisure’s Adult Swimming Lessons are a great way to improve your skill and get fit!

Week starting the 23rd of January - 10 week course €125
Week starting the 17th of April - 10 week course €125

ClubLevelDayClass Time
K Leisure NaasLevel 1 - Beginner StarterTuesday20:15
K Leisure NaasLevel 2 - Beginner PlusThursday19:15
K Leisure NaasLevel 3 - ImproversThursday19:15
K Leisure NaasLevel 4 - Improvers PlusThursday20:15


At K Leisure, we have an extensive swimming lesson programme available 7 days a week. All of our instructors are qualified and experienced swim teachers with some teachers delivering swim programmes for over thirty years. This wealth of experience has resulted in a swim programme which makes the swim academy in K Leisure the best in the county. K Leisure is currently providing the Learn to Swim programme from Swim Ireland.

Registering for swimming lessons

The online portal is now available to set up a parent and child account. To set up an account visit the member portal from the website menu. Click join now if you are not already a member or don't have a guest account. Click on PAYG memberships, then create a free account. Once your account is set up navigate to Account, then friends and family to add your children. You need to add dates of birth to allow them to book into lessons so don't skip this step. You can enrol into Little Swimmers if your child is aged 3 or 4, or into Level 1 - Tadpole if your child is aged 5-7 years old. If you wish to enrol into Level 2 or higher, a member of the K Leisure team needs to apply the appropriate level to your child's account to allow you to book into the course. You can request this by emailing support [at] kildareleisure.ie, detailing your child's name and level you wish to book into.

Note to iOS and MacOS Safari web browser users

The portal that is hosted on our website (accessed by clicking on Member Portal) may not work on Safari web browser on iPhone or Mac computers. If you have one of these devices you may need to go to the portal using this link

A Guide to Swimming Levels

The following information is designed as a guide only and questions must be answered honestly as children may be required to move down a level where space may not be available or where they are unable to demonstrate competency in the level they have booked into. If in any doubt, please speak to a swim teacher.

We don't recommend float vests for swimming lessons. Core aquatic skills are Body position, Leg Action, Arm Action, Breathing, Timing of skills (BLABT). With a float vest it is difficult for children to learn the first step, body position. Additionally submersion is a skill taught in the first levels, as is almost impossible to do with a vest. If you wish to have a flotation aid we recommend only using armbands, however kids learn quicker without floatation aids.

Level 1 Tadpole

Level 1

Are you happy to go in the water without armbands?
Do you know how to blow bubbles?
Can you float on your front and back with an aid?
Can you kick on your front and back with an aid?

Well Done!
You are Swim Ireland level 1

Level 2

Can you use a board/aid, float on back unassisted?
Can you roll 180 degrees from front to back then regain your feet?
Can you kick on your front and back with aid unassisted?

Well Done!
You are Swim Ireland level 2

Level 3

Can you perform a surface dive?
Demonstrate a floating position on front and back for 10 seconds?
Demonstrate rotary breathing – show head turning to the side to breathe?
Demonstrate a freestyle and backstroke arm action with a board for 5m?

Well Done!
You are Swim Ireland level 3

Level 4

Can you tread water using a cycle kicking action and a breaststroke type leg action for 20 seconds?
Can you demonstrate a handstand from the bottom of the pool?
Can you demonstrate a sitting dive and glide?
Push and glide on front and back holding glide for 2m?
Swim 5m freestyle breathing to the side?
Swim 5m backstroke tummy up?
Swim 5m froggy arms?

Well Done!
You are Swim Ireland level 4

Level 5

Can you demonstrate a forward somersault from a standing position?
Can you demonstrate a kneeling dive?
Can you demonstrate 3 different floating positions?
Can you demonstrate a good push off from the wall on front and kick in a streamlined position?
Can you demonstrate an understanding of bi-lateral breathing?
Can you swim 10m freestyle breathing to the side?
Can you swim 10m backstroke keeping head still?
Can you float on your front and back with an aid?Do you know how to blow bubbles?
Can you swim 10m on your front showing breaststroke type actions?
Can you kick on your front and back for 15m with no support?

Well Done!
You are Swim Ireland level 5

Level 6

Can you tread water for 30 seconds keeping the head clear of the water and then swim 15m?
Can you surface dive and retrieve an object from the pool floor in deep water?
Can you demonstrate a kneeling dive and swim out?
Using a pull buoy, can you scull 10m on front in a forward direction?
Can you swim freestyle and backstroke showing good technique and breathing without stopping?
Using a kickboard, can you kick 2 x 15m breaststroke?
Can you Kick 10m arms by side using a butterfly style undulating action?
Can you swim 4 x 10m each of freestyle and backstroke without stopping?

Well Done!
You are Swim Ireland level 6

Level 7

Can you demonstrate life jacket use/survival position ie H.E.L.P. or huddle?
Can you demonstrate a front somersault from floating position?
Can you demonstrate a crouching dive?
Using a pull buoy, can you scull 15m on front head first and feet first?
Can you swim 25m freestyle and backstroke with good technique?
Can you swim 15m breaststroke with correct timing?
Can you attempt butterfly arms and legs together for 5m?
Can you tread water attempting eggbeater kick for 45 seconds then swim 25m?
Can you swim 50m using 2 different strokes holding good technique, attempting turns without stopping?

Well Done!
You are Swim Ireland level 7

Level 8

Can you demonstrate a standing dive into deep water?
Can you hold and kick underwater for 5m?
Can you swim 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke demonstrating good rhythm and breathing?
Can you swim 25m breaststroke attempting pull out and regular breathing?
Can you swim 10m using a butterfly action?
Using a kickboard, can you kick 4 x 25m freestyle and backstroke?
Can you pull 25m freestyle using a pull buoy?
Can you swim 100m using 2 different strokes holding good technique and turns without stopping?

Well Done!
You are Swim Ireland level 8

Pass typeDescriptionPrice
Swim Day PassSwim, sauna, steam; Age 15+€8
Child Swim Day PassSwim; Age 2-14€5
Family Swim Day Pass2 adults, 2 kids€24
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