K-Leisure has a membership package to suit your specific health and fitness needs.

Simply choose the option that works for you!

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In addition to designing and building training programmes for our members as part of their K Leisure members can enjoy a full suite of health and fitness services.


Exercise can help prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss. When you engage in physical activity, you burn calories. The more intense the activity, the more calories you burn.


Exercise and physical activity can be a fun way to spend some time. It gives you a chance to unwind and engage in activities that make you happy.


Need an emotional lift? Or need to blow off some steam after a stressful day? A workout at the gym for as little as 30-minutes can help boost your mood and leave you feeling great.


K Leisure offers a selection of monthly, 3 month, and 12 month membership plans. When you have selected your membership plan, go to the member portal and join online.

Adult Swim€49
Adult Gym and Swim€55
Couple Gym and Swim€89
Golden Gym and Swim€39
Student Gym and Swim€49
Teen Gym and Swim€39
Adult Gym and Swim€195
Golden Gym and Swim€125
Student Gym and Swim€140
Adult Swim€495
Adult Gym and Swim€550
Couple Gym and Swim€950
Golden Gym and Swim€495
Student Gym and Swim€495


With K Leisure, you can create a family membership bundle. You first choose an adult membership plan, then select the number of child and teen members you wish to include in the bundle.
The adult memberships available to bundle together with child and teen plans are Adult Swim, Adult Gym and Swim, or Couple Gym and Swim.
Use the top row of the table below to choose a child plan, then move down the column to see the bundle price for the number of child and teen members you want to include.

Select the number of add on members0 Child1 Child2 Child3 Child
0 Teen€612€729€901
1 Teen€745€862€979€1096
2 Teen€995€1112€1229€1346
3 Teen€1245€1362€1479€1596
Select the number of add on members0 Child1 Child2 Child3 Child
0 Teen€667€784€901
1 Teen€800€917€1034€1151
2 Teen€1050€1167€1284€1401
3 Teen€1300€1417€1534€1651
Select the number of add on members0 Child1 Child2 Child3 Child
0 Teen€1067€1184€1301
1 Teen€1200€1317€1434€1551
2 Teen€1450€1567€1684€1801
3 Teen€1700€1817€1934€2051
Select the number of add on members0 Child1 Child2 Child3 Child
0 Teen€59€69€79
1 Teen€74€84€94€104
2 Teen€99€109€119€129
3 Teen€124€134€144€154
Select the number of add on members0 Child1 Child2 Child3 Child
0 Teen€65€75€85
1 Teen€80€90€100€110
2 Teen€105€115€125€135
3 Teen€130€140€150€160
Select the number of add on members0 Child1 Child2 Child3 Child
0 Teen€99€109€119
1 Teen€114€124€134€144
2 Teen€139€149€159€169
3 Teen€164€174€184€194


Some membership plans require eligibility to purchase.

Student membership - proof of enrolment in full-time education required, either by dated letter of enrolment or student card with a name, photo, and expiry date. Cards with no expiry date are not accepted.
Golden membership - proof of age required via photo ID.
Teen membership - proof of age required via photo ID.

Monthly membership is billed via recurring card payment. When joining, you register a payment card and create a payment token. K Leisure does not store your bank card details. If you sign up in the middle of the month, your fee will be pro-rated. The minimum term for monthly memberships is one full calendar month.

12 and 3-month memberships are paid in full at the time of joining and are non-transferrable or refundable after your membership begins.

Family membership bundle plans are all connected together. If you want to change from one monthly bundle to a different one, it will take effect from the following month. If you want to change from one 12 month bundle to a different 12 month bundle in the middle of the contract period, you must purchase a new 12 month bundle and the balance of your existing bundle will be credited towards the new bundle.

Gym memberships are excluded from the statutory 14-day cooling-off period for online purchases. Please visit our terms and conditions page for further information.

Pay As You Go PRICES

Pay As You Go with K Leisure. You can pay for single visits for swimming, gym workouts, fitness classes, astro pitches, badminton and table tennis sessions.
We offer a pay as you go loyalty scheme. For every visit, you get one stamp. 10 stamps qualify for a free visit. You can choose swimming, gym workout, or fitness class as your free visit.

Type of PAYG TicketsPriceInformation
Adult Swim Pass€7Athy and Naas only, sauna and steam room included
Adult Day Pass€9Gym and pool pass
Fitness Classes€10Pre booking required
Student Day Pass€5Gym and pool pass
Golden Years Day Pass€5Gym and pool pass
Child Swim Pass€43-15 years old, children under 10 require an adult on the pool deck, and if under 6 in the water with the child
Family Swim Pass€202 Adults and 2 Children