All studio classes can be pre-booked by members and non members in person or via telephone. Any classes that require payment must be done so at the time of booking. Laser & credit card accepted. For a description of each class, please see our class descriptions page. *Denotes a course that is not included in membership.


Day Start Time Class Duration
Monday 6:25am HIIT  30 mins
Monday 7:00am Spinning 30 mins
  9.30am Body Balance 60 mins
  1.10pm Circuit and TRX 30 mins
  5:30pm Body Attack 45 mins
  6.15pm HIIT Circuit 45 mins
  6:20pm Body Pump 60 mins
  7:25pm Bums, Tums & Thighs 40 mins
  8:10pm Spinning 45 mins
Day Start Time Class Duration
Tuesday 7:00am Body Pump 45 mins
  10.00am Body Pump 45 mins
  6:15pm Boot Camp 40 mins
  6.20pm Body Pump 60 mins
  7:25pm Spinning 45 mins
  8:15pm Body Balance 60 mins
Day Start Time Class Duration  
  6:25am HIIT 30 mins  
Wednesday 7:00am Spinning 30 mins  
  7:30am Body Pump Express 30 mins  
  1:10pm Spinning 40 mins  
  5:30pm Body Pump 60 mins  
  5:45pm HIIT 40 mins  
  6.35pm Body Attack 45 mins  
  7:15pm FX Training 40 mins  
  7:25pm Spinning 45 mins  
  8:15pm Body Balance 60 mins  
Day Start Time Class Duration
Thursday 7:00am Spinning 30 mins
  9.30am Body Pump 60 mins
  4:15pm Teen Bootcamp 45 mins
  5:30pm Body Pump 45 mins
  6:20pm Step & Abs 30 mins
  7:00pm Body Attack 45 mins
  7:50pm Body Balance 60 mins
Day Start Time Class Duration
Friday 6:25am HIIT 30 mins
  7:00am Spinning 30 mins
  7:30am Circuit/TRX 30 mins
  9.30am Bums Tums & Thighs 45 mins
  1.10pm Body Pump 40 mins
  6:00pm Body Attack Express 30 mins
  6:30pm Body Pump 60 mins


All Classes €8.00 

All Members and Non-Members will have to pre-book for ALL CLASSES. Bookings can be made at reception or contact us on 045 433 663. If you are a Non-Member when you book a class, you will have to pay for the class at the same time as booking. This payment is NON REFUNDABLE. 4 hours notice must be given for cancellation of class, class may be transferred but only once.

Thanks all our customers for their co-operation with this matter.

Day Start Time Class Duration
Saturday 9:30am HIIT 40 mins
  10:15am Body Attack 45 mins
  11:05am Body Pump  45 mins
Day Start Time Class Duration
Sunday 10:15am Spinning 45 mins
  10:30am Circuit 40 mins
  11:05am Body Pump 45 mins