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Swimming is one of the best all round exercises for your body and that’s why every K Leisure centre has a pool for everyone. There’s our spacious, 25m indoor pool for experienced and mid-level swimmers as well as those learning to swim or just wanting to relax. We offer lane swimming at all times for adults.
Select the club below, and then the day to view the timetabled sessions
TimeSession TypeLanes and Info
06:00-10:00Adult Lane Swimming6 swim lanes
10:00-11:00Leisure Swim3 swim lanes
11:00-12:00Leisure Swim3 swim lanes
12:00-13:00Leisure Swim3 swim lanes
13:00-14:00Leisure Swim3 swim lanes
14:00-15:00Leisure Swim3 swim lanes
15:00-16:00Leisure Swim3 swim lanes
16:00-17:00Leisure Swim3 swim lanes
17:00-18:00Leisure Swim3 swim lanes
18:00-19:00Leisure Swim3 swim lanes
19:00-21:30Adult Lane Swimming 6 swim lanes
TimeSession TypeInfo
10:00-11:00Leisure Swim2 swim lanes
11:00-12:00Family Swim2 swim lanes
12:00-13:00Leisure Swim2 swim lanes
13:00-14:00Family Swim2 swim lanes
14:00-15:00Leisure Swim2 swim lanes
15:00-16:00Family Swim2 swim lanes
16:00-17:30Leisure Swim2 swim lanes